Vivian Westwools The Wool Shop With a difference!

Run by a 40 something year old male, with piercings and tattoos and a history of fashion, design and retail!
After spending years within retail management in the fashion industry, i took to knitting again after being tought as a young boy in the back of my parents shop in Bradford.
I was becoming more and more stressed in my work that I could not shut off.
I bought a knit your own hat kit and found that it had settled me and my passion for knitting came back.

After knitting my first hat I wanted to create more and started looking for more things to make, I was working for a retailer that had a small wool selection and had heard customers saying for the past 5 years how poor the selection was.
When I looked online I realised why customers had been saying what they had!
I ordered a couple of balls of yarn and they arrived and were completely different to how they looked, and they felt really itchy!
I looked around where I lived to see what I could get locally and it wasn't a lot.
I was quite unhappy at work at this time and found that my mind had become more overtaken with knitting and what I could make next, rather than the work I had to do.

I became more infuriated the more I found out about the fun, creative yarns that were available online but not available where I live.

I started dreaming about having a wool shop, being surrounded by these wonderful yarns all day and speaking to people that had the same interests as myself.

Surely I wasn't the only person in the town that had this interest?

The more I dreamed, the more I wondered if I could make it a reality?

I started looking at suppliers in the UK and found that a lot of them were based in Yorkshire and as my home town was originally Bradford I started to contact them, Coats craft, West Yorkshire Spinners, Woolcraft, Stylecraft, James C Brett, Thomas Ramsden that all had some of the best known brands.

I started to spak to people where I worked about my idea, the more people I spoke to, the more it became apparent how much need there was for a wool shop in Blackpool.

I spoke to my partner at length and decided to give up my job and go for it!

So here I am, living that dream, surrounded by different yars, now from all over the world!
Every day I get to meet different people, who chat about their current, past and future acheivements.
I learn every day and pick up tips, ideas and hints from their experience.

Come in and have a look around and see what you can discover or simply just share.


Vivian Westwools